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Here are some cabinets we built for a nice little gift and clothing store in Manzanita called Unfurl.
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Cash register front

Our customers had a definite look they wanted which included some natural and recycled material. The countertop in front of the cash register is a Port Orford Cedar slab that we coated with thinned epoxy to make it harder then finished with polyurethane modified tung oil.

cash register back

This is behind the cash counter, not a very good picture but it shows a row of drawers below the cherry top cash counter and other drawers and storage spots.


 Jewelry case

This is a jewelry case we made from large planks of fir that were recycled from a pier in Vancouver, BC. They were lightly oiled to make it easier to clean.


Jewelry case 2 

 This is the wrap around part of the jewelry counter which has storage behind cherry slab doors on the back side.



Gift wrap

This cherry cabinet is behind the cash register and is for their gift wrapping supply storage


Crocs bin

This is a bin storage unit for displaying Croc shoes in the kids area.

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