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These small cabinets include many of Robert's favorite design elements. Tapered legs, angled sides and front/back, arched top doors and frame, also the custom wooden pulls. 

These units were built to be featured in Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler's Third Annual Studio Tour on August 9 & 10th 2003.

This cabinet is made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar that was found washed up on the beach, salvaged by us then cut into lumber until it's use made itself apparent. The legs and handles are Cherry. 

The glass was beautifully designed and created by Bill Supak of Wolfhouse Studios in Manzanita, OR.

This one's sides, top, doors and frame are made from Ash. Again the legs and pulls are Cherry. The finish is a wipe on oil based finish.
Bill Supak's glass adds so much character to the pieces. We will soon have links to more of his work.


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