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This project was very interesting and detailed. The north end of the room was built with floor to ceiling bookcases which wrapped around the north end and extended over the entry door on the east. We made Walnut wainscoting for the entire room and a 6 inch baseboard. There was 4 inch trim around all the windows and 3" cove along the entire ceiling. We built a 2 inch Walnut slab desk that wrapped around the south end of the room for a total of 21 feet at 24 inches deep on the east wall and 30 inches deep on the south wall. The room has a beautiful view of the Pacific ocean and the confluence of Neacoxle Creek, Neawanna Creek and the Necanicum River estuary.

Walnut drawers and printer cart under 2" thick Walnut desk

Upper right end of bookcases extending from North wall (below) over entry door and to the south wall of the room.

North end of room. Floor to ceiling bookcases with rolling ladder.

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