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A few new tools and some of the old ones for the new shop. 
A new 3hp blower for the dust collection system and a couple of $5 plastic barrels. Blower covered to muffle sound and protect from the weather.
A crude homemade 2 stage dust collection system. We'll see how it works. 1 new and 1 old air filter to help clear the air in the 1000sq ft area with high ceilings.
8 in. jointer and edge sander. The edge sander is a new addition to the shop and it will be interesting to see how much it is used. The jointer replaces a 25 year old Craftsman 6" jointer.  A new 10" table saw. This is the much needed second table saw for the shop. Since it is the most frequently used tool in our cabinet making, a second will greatly improve efficiency.
The old 10" Delta 1hp Unisaw.  Excalibur Sliding table

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